Tenant Information

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Lease Rules

We hope you are enjoying your rental property and wish you success during your tenancy. Some highlights from your lease agreement include:

  • all rent must be paid promptly in advance
  • you must report immediately to the Landlord any and all damage to the premises
  • no dog, cat or other animal shall be kept in the rental premises without written permission from the Landlord
  • no noise that, in the opinion of the Landlord, may disturb the comfort of the other Tenants shall be permitted by the Tenant in the premises

IMPORTANT: violation of any of above will result in a notice to end a tenancy.

Maintenance Issues

It is our job as your landlord to make sure that your rental property is safe and sanitary to live in. Please contact us to report maintenance repairs/issues.

Request maintenance

or call (306) 979-9896

IMPORTANT: for emergency maintenance after hours please call (306) 653-0384

Frequently Asked Questions


We accept personal money order, cheque or debit at our 11th Street office location. If you would like a mobile debit machine visit, you must contact the office.

Ending your lease

To end a tenancy at the end of any month, one full month's notice must be given. A tenant must deliver a Notice to Landlord to Terminate Tenancy notice by the last day of the preceding month.