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Our Hart Road development will feature a number of unique rental opportunities and an abundance of amenities for the whole city to enjoy.

From one-bedroom accessible units to four bedroom units with two bathrooms, there will be a place that everyone would love to call home – and everyone will have a front door. To top it all off, our neighbourhood will feature office space, community spaces, creative retail opportunities, and some incredible public spaces as well.


Camponi Housing owns and maintains approximately 400 homes in Saskatoon through our various affordable rental programs. There remains a large waiting list of families still searching for adequate housing – especially larger families in need of more space, and individuals living with mobility issues or in need of completely accessible housing.

Camponi’s answer to this need has been to pursue this development by starting with the needs of the tenants first, and designing the neighbourhood and supports around those foundational needs. By gathering the input and experience of our tenants, we have developed a plan that will become a vibrant and sustainable project that will lift up not only the residents in these homes but also the community around it.

Housing provides the foundation for a high quality of life for families and communities, and the impacts of this investment into Saskatoon will go far beyond the 150+ family complex that will be built.

By The Numbers

  • Total Residential Space: 142,453 sq. ft.
  • Total Office Space: 4,147 sq. ft.
  • Total Public Space: 18,983 sq. ft.
  • Total Retail Space: 5,530 sq. ft.
  • Number of Homes: 164
  • Total Number of Bedrooms: 407
  • Number of Accessible Homes: 70+
  • Amount Invested in our Community: $42.7 million (est.) in Construction Costs